From Zero to Prototype

I wanted to share some thoughts regarding the beginning and the end of the Vancouver gumi studio & project THRONE. I’ll start off by saying I had such a great time working at gumi. The team was great, the project was a lot of fun. I hope I can have that kind of great growing & learning opportunity at the next place I land. This post will just cover from the early days to our greenlit prototype. Well as for the end, it simply boils down to the company’s financial situation. We joined when gumi was still a privately owned…


Recent Game Pickups

Just going to post some brief thoughts on the latest gaming/art goods that I’ve picked up over the last few months. Fire Emblem Fates Birthright (3DS) So excited for this game(s) on the Nintendo 3DS. I’ve finished a few chapters and expect to play it till I’ve completed it. Production values are excellent, the graphics and art to the music. The game is really slick especially how the battles load and play right off the tactical map. PSN Flash Sale Games: This was just to fill up on PSVita games… Honestly don’t know too much about them besides Strikers 1945….

Getting there with the setup of our standing desks.

gumi Studio Tour

It’s been almost a year and a half since starting gumi in Vancouver. It has been a super challenging ordeal, by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Building a team from scratch, picking a location, creating a new mobile IP with a brand new art style, and making sure we move forward… one build at a time. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we continue to move forward with our game. I can’t wait to show what our team has created! I just wanted to share some pics of our 23rd floor office in the Metro Towers, it’s…


Games of 2015 Spring/Summer

I grabbed a new 3DS XL while trading in my old one. I gotta say, the trade was well worth it. While I thought the 2nd analog nub was weird to press, it worked really well once it was tested in game. I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Hunter 4 (which has been superb) with the nub, and it works without issue, its super easy to move the camera around. The other big change for the better is the 3D upgrade over the old 3DS. It’s much more clear and I have way less issues regarding moving my head…


Games of Winter 14

Been a super busy few months at work as we set up our new studio. I’ve still made some time to play some games which has been a mix of mobile & console. It’s nice to see the industry doing well on the console front with PS4 hitting record sales. Mobile as well has seen an increase in quality, I see that elevating to a higher level next year. The advent of the 64bit architecture & Apple’s Metal are moving things forward. Engines such as Unity & UE are also helping. All in all, a much more optimistic view on…

New Job with gumi & Tokyo Trip

I’ve started a new job with Japanese mobile giant, gumi. It’s my first venture into mobile, but I think the time is right for me. I have the chance to work with 4 solid colleagues and we will develop a new studio from the ground up. It’s really quite refreshing working with such a small team on a creative project. There is lots of pressure, but I’d say it’s good pressure. We all want to succeed, learn & grow. We’ve just started and already learned a bunch. That’s definitely part of the fun. We’ve met the executives in Tokyo a…